Originally the idea came from a local radio station. They kept "The List", a list of phrases said during the week that stood on their own and were funny as hell. They were phrases that not only inspired giggles and snorts, but frequently prompted the question "what brought THAT up?" When playing on a messageboard I would frequently see something that would remind me of The List. Finally I broke down and started recording them. I've done this for about four years... five years? It's been a while. Lo and behold I'm noticing the same thing in the blog world. So why not? Let's have our quotables recorded!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quotes - March 7, 2010

Pajamas & Coffee    : I went to Target and spent $274 because Target ate my soul

Masala Chica    : My life is one string cheese debacle after another

Putting The FUN In DysFUNctional    : I have ZERO athletic ability. I wouldn't even take home the Tin Foil!

Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock At A Time    : The toilet is NOT question and answer time, kids.

Unknown Mami    : Really?!,You can't recognize beauty in an entire group of people. Who are you? John Mayer's penis?

Hyperbole And A Half    : Living in rural Montana is a lot like being duct-taped inside a refrigerator box with a bear

UberGrumpy    : We will soon be summoned to choose between the sorry collection of has-beens, crooks, no-hopers, spongers, bankrupts, conmen, hangers-on, talentless minority group opportunists, fading B-list television celebrities, and geriatric dorks that pass for politicians here.


  1. You know I love it when you quote me!

    This is a great batch. The Montana one might be my favorite, but it's hard to pick.

  2. Yay! I made the list!

    This blog is such a great idea - like Costco free samples, but instead broccoli goat cheese crepes, it's blogs!

  3. LOL. Thanks for quoting me. I'd like to thank the Academy. Oh and also my daughter because without her - I would not know how string cheese could make my life so much richer . . .


  4. Thank you! I feel honoured, and fascinated, so I'm following. Great idea for a blog.

  5. Here are two Quotes for Your Blog:


    "Only God Is Perfect"

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  6. I love it! I'm honored and in great company.