Originally the idea came from a local radio station. They kept "The List", a list of phrases said during the week that stood on their own and were funny as hell. They were phrases that not only inspired giggles and snorts, but frequently prompted the question "what brought THAT up?" When playing on a messageboard I would frequently see something that would remind me of The List. Finally I broke down and started recording them. I've done this for about four years... five years? It's been a while. Lo and behold I'm noticing the same thing in the blog world. So why not? Let's have our quotables recorded!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quotes - June 27, 2010

Finding Fairytales    : my hair was no longer a cross between "stripper" and "big bird's" love child

Pajamas & Coffee    : emitted what can only be described as the type of piercing scream of a woman who has just learned she accidentally walked into church naked.

Barefoot Foodie    : I was entirely certain that I had squatted in the library, forgetting that I had a skirt on, showed everyone my underwear, possibly my Jesus flower, and this ophthalmologist person was the doctor in charge of either removing it, sewing it shut, or making it so I was never allowed to have babies or grow boobs.

Lyn Upside Down    : it's a long story involving an extremely high nerd factor

Salt Says    : The fact that your hand is on fire might be fascinating, but you need to put it out right away.

The Meanest Mom    : I always held my breath in hopes that behind a wall or underneath three layers of hideous bathroom tile we would find a stash of reindeer antlers or a petrified elf.

Alone With Cats    : my diary was an early exercise in plagiarism.

Yo Mama’s Blog    : So now I have office bathroom floor in my vagina.

Away We Go    : At last, at last, I will be able to see the nipple rings and tribal tattoos of my fellow Southern Marylanders all year long.

All A Bunch Of Momsense    : Gah, he’s cute. Even if he DOES have bugs in his ears.

Putting The FUN In DysFUNctional    : watched him jumping off the couch, pretending to be Buzz Lightyear, shouting "To infillity...AND BEHIND!"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quotes - June 20, 2010

Salt Says    : Usually I only develop fangirl crushes on Sesame Street characters

Lambykins    : To me, if I don't have frostbite on my nipples, the air conditioner is not functioning properly.

Not That Kind Of Girl    : a few weeks ago I saw a dude spread out a linen handkerchief on said unoccupied seat and spread out an honest-to-pete PICNIC on the seat next to him. Complete with friggin’ soup, the least appropriate bus food since lighter-broiled s’mores.

Life With Flowers    : They are fond of their hanging meats.

The Meanest Mom    : An unfortunate typo resulted in Mr. Quacker's conversion to the Religious Society of Friends.

Beth: A Work In Progress    : I really don’t like bacon bits in my banana pudding

The Zen of Motherhood    : I've always been partial to the Great Flying Middle Finger.

Motherhood Uncensored    : I'm pregnant with Mary Poppins!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quotes - June 5, 2010

Office_Cubism    : Thank you for your radish management

Eternally Distracted    : May the only pain in your life be champagne.

Peeling An Orange with A Screwdriver    : Kids make you do things you never thought possible and it all starts the minute you shove them out of that impossibly small exit between your legs.

Mom and Mommer    : remember you have the power of the mystical vagina on your side

The Bean    : I bet I dream about drunk unicorns tonight.

The Bloggess    : comforters are like giant shamwows 

Not That Kind of Girl    : Bathroom breaks at work are approximately 500% more fun when you spend thirty seconds twisting your pelvis to admire the light playing on your crotch disco ball.

Stacie’s Madness    : Mr.F and I will be doing it Paul Bunyan style.

Alone With Cats    : you’re wondering how wicked cool it would have been to go to college in the fucking air?