Originally the idea came from a local radio station. They kept "The List", a list of phrases said during the week that stood on their own and were funny as hell. They were phrases that not only inspired giggles and snorts, but frequently prompted the question "what brought THAT up?" When playing on a messageboard I would frequently see something that would remind me of The List. Finally I broke down and started recording them. I've done this for about four years... five years? It's been a while. Lo and behold I'm noticing the same thing in the blog world. So why not? Let's have our quotables recorded!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quotes - June 7, 2011

Lola is 40    : Demons have no attention span to speak of.

Too Many Mornings    : I feel a great deal of affection for the talk-radio host because his brain’s so wonderfully fucked up.

Radiovixen    : the miracle of life in my barbecue grill. 

Fetch My Flying Monkeys    : I’ll be like a goat Moses.

Absolutely Narcissism    : COMFY panties that DON'T give my vulva rope burn


  1. I speaketh the truth. They really don't.

  2. Gotta love Sandra, she's my sister from another mister.